These Are The Days DIY Sign

“These Are The Days”

The words, “these are the days” just resonated with me. We are in the days right now!! I think God was really speaking to me. It’s like he said, forget about all those things you are planning in the future, and live, in these days, the ones you have right now. DIY Sign
How to make your own DIY “These are the days” sign

I wanted to make a sign to remind me of this. You can make your very own DIY sign too!  Even if you don’t consider yourself to be an artsy person I think you can do it! You can even skip the staining part and just paint your board your color of choice.

Or if you’re not feeling crafty today, click here for the free printable.

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To make the sign you will need:

  • 1 wooden board, something like this would work
  • Stain (or, if you are cheap like me, you can use a jar full of vinegar, add in some steel wool, wait a day or two, strain out the steel wool and boom, you will have amazing wood stain for pennies)
  • Font of Choice- I used this font
  • Printer paper
  • Ball point pen
  • Flashlight or head lamp (I used a head lamp)
  • Acrylic Paint (like this)
  • Paint brushes
  • Tape

Before you begin:

Prep your wood.  First you will need to stain your wood.  You can use store bought stain or you can make your own.  There is a great tutorial on a Vinegar + Steel Wool stain here.

Next, you will want to paint your board. I like to rub some Vaseline on the corners and edges before I paint, so that I can rub it off to give it a more worn, rustic look. Then I used some white spray paint to paint my board.

1. Print

  • Print out your saying to match the size of your board
  • Cut it out and lay it down on your board
  • Tape it down (I taped only the top, so that I could check to make sure I was going through with the pen) DIY Sign

    2. Trace

    • Trace over the outline of the lettering with your ball point pen
    • Use a flashlight to make sure you can see the indented lines below DIY Sign

    3. Paint

  • Use the indented outline to paint in the words
  • It won’t matter if you go a little outside or inside the lines (don’t worry, once it’s on the wall you won’t be able to tell)
  • Admire your finished sign DIY Sign

How did your sign turn out?

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