About Me


About me


Hey there, I’m Lindsay—a wife, mama, teacher, and the heart behind this blog.

In one sentence: I’m a woman whose life has been and is still being transformed by Jesus. I am constantly being reminded to come back to the one who gives life. As I try to keep Jesus on the throne, I welcome you to join the journey. Look for Him to show up every day. Am I perfect, absolutely not. Did I yell at my kids 5 minutes ago, probably, but life is messy, yet so beautiful. Let’s try to embrace the mess together.

My journey into creating Something Splendiferous started more than just a blog, it started me on a path to create space in my home and in my heart. As I purged my belongings I began to feel more free. This created space in my heart for more reflection and time with Jesus. When stuff crowds out your vision it’s hard to focus on what matters.

Why do I do what I do?

Simple. I want moms to see God in their everyday lives. Amidst the mundane tasks, I believe there’s divine beauty waiting to be discovered.

How can I help you?

I’m here to bring some humor, love, and life to your daily routine. Life’s too short to take it too seriously, and I’m all about finding joy in the journey.

I want to help you grow closer to God. My mission isn’t just about decluttering physical spaces; it’s about clearing mental and spiritual clutter too. Your journey matters, and I’m here to guide you toward a more purposeful and faith-filled life.

What’s next?

Let’s build a community of women who create a legacy for their families. Join me on this adventure, and let’s discover the splendiferous moments in the midst of the ordinary.

Fun Facts

  • When I was 9, I was in gymnastics and could walk 100 steps on my hands
  • I don’t like coffee, my favorite thing to drink is tea! Dutch Bros tea is the best!!
  • I’ve had stitches 3 times and all of them were on my head
  • I’ve never broken a bone
  • My dad is a roofer and my mom is a pre-school teacher
  • I met my husband at a Church Youth Camp
  • We dated long-distance for a year and then got married when I was 20
  • I am a Reading Specialist
  • Favorite shows: Gilmore Girls, Parks and Rec and Abbot Elementary
  • Bullet journaling is my jam!

Excited to have you here!

Splendiferously Yours, Linz