5 Gifts To Give This Christmas

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Christmas is coming and it’s always hard to think about what to get everyone. At least the babies and toddlers are easy… they are happy with the wrapping paper!

I remember for my son’s first Christmas, I only got him one or two actual gifts. He hardly noticed the new toys. He had way more fun playing with all the wrapping paper and boxes.

This year I decided to give both of my kids 4 gifts. If you haven’t heard of this idea, it is where you get something your child wants, something they need, something to wear and something to read.  I’m a teacher, so giving gifts that can be educational is always at the forefront of my mind. So instead of giving them each 4 gifts like I was originally planning, I add one, a gift to LEARN. So this year, I’m going to get 5 gifts.

5 gifts for Christmas Want Need Wear Read

If you plan on getting your kids 4 gifts this Christmas, join me and get 5 instead.

Along with thinking about gifts, I always think about how I’m going to instill an understanding of God’s love to my kids. We talk about how He sent His son into the world to die for our sins, but I would really like to do something more tangible to help my kids understand the true meaning of Christmas.

If you have anything you love to do with your kids at Christmas time to teach them about Jesus, I would love to know.

Leave me a message in the comments below.

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Do you want to get something for your baby that’s not just any toy? Try getting something educational!

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