Unicorn Candy Corn Treats- The Perfect Snack for Halloween

Unicorn Treats! Simple and Easy! Perfect for Halloween

Unicorns, Unicorns, Unicorns!

Unicorns are so popular right now. It seems like everywhere you look there are unicorns. I can’t believe how many adorable unicorn things there are out there!

This last weekend we celebrated my daughter’s 3rd birthday and of course, she wanted a unicorn party, or in her case a, “Noonicorn” party because she can’t quite say unicorn. I created an adorable little unicorn card and sent it out to all our closest friends.

The party was simple. The only thing I really went all out on was the cake. My mom made the cake, and then I set to work making it into a unicorn. Cake decorating is hard work. I bow to those who create beautiful masterpieces all year long.

The Perfect Daycare/School Treat

Every year at my daughter’s daycare they are allowed to bring in birthday treats. I wanted to send something simple and not too sugary. I am a school teacher and I always appreciated when parents sent in mini cupcakes or small cookies.

While talking to my mom about what I should bring, she suggested I use the leftover frosting from the cupcakes and just squish some between two graham crackers.

Once she said it, I knew it was a perfect idea! Not too sweet, but still a treat.

I put a little of the multi-colored buttercream in the middle and then a little at the top to hold the candy corn in place and then voila!

Unicorn Snack that are simple and easy! Perfect for Halloween Party!

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Here are all the things that you will need to create your own little Unicorn Graham Cracker Treats.


  1. Break the Graham Crackers in half
  2. Spread frosting on one side & press the two sides together gently
  3. Draw on the eyes with icing
  4. Use a small dot of frosting to place the candy corn on the top
  5. Chill in the fridge for 15-20 minutes until frosting has hardened
  6. Enjoy!



Check out this adorable Unicorn Print on Etsy

beautiful unicorn ombre pink print

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  1. What a cute treat!

  2. How adorable (and easy to make) are those graham crackers?! Love them (bet my little niece will, too)!

  3. How cute! Unicorns are definitely a big thing right now – these are perfect!

    1. I know! They are absolutely EVERYWHERE!

  4. I love these! good for a unicorn themed birthday party too!

    1. Yes, I know! They turned out super cute for how simple they are 🙂

  5. These are adorable!! And they’re so easy to make, too!!

  6. This is candy corn taken to a whole other level. Love this!

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