Funny Valentine Printable Cards- FREE!

Do you remember your first Valentine’s Day that actually meant something? I know I do. My husband, boyfriend at the time, had roses sent to me at school! I was the envy of all my friends! Rewind several, several years before. I’m sitting in my 5th-grade classroom about to pass out my valentines.  I can very vividly picture the room. It was like being in a glass castle, with windows all around.  The sun was shining and everyone in the room was buzzing with excitement.

I think I remember this moment because it was almost as if I lived it in slow motion. You see, this was the year I accidentally forgot to sign all my Valentines.  Not one, not two, ALL OF THEM! This may not seem like a big deal to you, but try telling that to my former self.

I’m not exactly sure how this happened. I think I was so excited that I had picked out the perfect Valentine for the boy I was crushing, that I forgot what I was doing. Valentines are a lot of work. If you’ve ever had to do your own valentines, you know what I’m talking about. After tearing all the valentines apart, carefully so that I wouldn’t rip any, I wrote the names of my classmates on the outside of the envelopes.  I think this is when I made my mistake.  Rather than signing them, I started putting them in my already labeled envelopes.  Obviously, after you put the card inside you lick it or seal it with a sticker, so I was oblivious to my mistake.

Funny Valentine Printable Cards- FREE!


Anyway, when it came to the time to pass out our Valentines, I started to go to each individual desk and drop my valentines in.  One of my friends opened my card as I dropped it in and said, “Hey, you forgot to sign it.” I realize this sounds silly and caddy, but to my 5th-grade self, this was mortifying.  How could I have forgotten the most important part? How did I forget to sign each card!?

Years later, as I think back to this event, that felt so humiliating at the time, I just laugh.  I still can’t believe I forgot the main part of making valentines for your friends.

Do you have a Valentine’s Day Story? I would love to hear it!

This year when your kids give out their valentines, don’t let them forget the most important part! Have them write their name on there, nice and big!

I love creating, so this year I created some funny valentine’s day cards. You can grab them for FREE here!

If you like to make people laugh on Valentine’s day then these are the cards for you! They are perfect for the food lover in your life too! Go get a dozen donuts, a burger and fries or give your special someone some breakfast in bed with BACON! Who doesn’t love bacon?

Funny Valentine Printable Cards- FREE!


Funny Valentine Printable Cards- FREE!

10 Replies to “Funny Valentine Printable Cards- FREE!”

  1. It’s funny how certain memories stay with you. One of my embarrassing childhood memories was in 2nd grade…having the safety pin holding my red plaid skirt up, pop open, and then feel my skirt slide down around my ankles. Arrrrggghhhh! Thanks for sharing the cute Valentine’s printable!

    1. Oh no! Isn’t it funny how those embarrassing moments stick with us. I will never forget the feeling of shock when I realized I’d forgotten to sign my valentines. Seems so silly now, but at the time it was a big deal.

  2. Aw those are so cute! That “I Love You More Than Bacon” card cracked me up because that’s totally something I’d give my husband. He’s a vegetarian but I can’t give up bacon so I cheat on the veggie thing, lol.

    1. Oh my gosh! That makes me laugh! I don’t blame you for not wanting to give bacon up. LOL! It’s so delicious!

  3. Adorable cards! You’ve very creative! Thanks so much for sharing them with us.

    1. You’re very welcome! I’m glad you like them. I had fun creating them 🙂

  4. Beautiful post, I love hearing stories like this! I was mortified in high school receiving delivered roses from my boyfriend but secretly pretty happy – obviously it worked cause he’s now my husband! Love the bacon card, that will definitely work in my house!

    1. Hahaha, presents can catch us off guard sometimes, even if they are good ones. I’m glad you like the bacon card, enjoy!

  5. These are adorable! I love the Batman Valentines! They are too cute!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! They were fun to create and my son’s friends loves them! I love giving non candy valentines.

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