Simple Easter Basket Ideas that Won’t Be Forgotten in a Day!

Do you enjoy putting together Easter Baskets for your kids but don’t feel like filling them up with sugar? You’re not alone! A little candy is okay, but my kids don’t need any more help in the hyper department.  My son is super petite, it feels like an ounce of sugar goes straight into his bloodstream. I’m serious, 5 minutes after he’s had something sugary he is bouncing off the walls!

Easter baskets are fun, but this year, I don’t want to take away from the true meaning of Easter and I’ve been working on taming the clutter this year, so I don’t want to give my kids a bunch of trinkety toys that will end up lost, broken and forgotten in a week.  I want to give them something that will last. I want to give them memories.

When we do things together we make memories, and memories last far longer than any toy.  I would like to encourage you to use this Easter to be different. Remember what it’s really about and then think about your kids and what kinds of things they might enjoy doing. Think of something that will have a lasting impression on them. Here are some things you can give instead:

1. Give an Experience

This is probably my favorite thing to give. Find something you can do with your child like bowling, a dinner date, play a board game etc. See some of my ideas below or pin it for later 🙂

Giving something that you can do together is such a good way to connect with your kids one-on-one.  Giving an experience will create unforgettable memories and those mean far more than any toy.

25 Experience to Give in Your Child's Easter Basket this year #easter #notcandy #nottoys

25 Experience to Give in Your Child's Easter Basket this year #easter #notcandy #nottoys
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2. Give of Your Time

This may sound silly, but it’s a good one. It goes along with the experience idea pretty well.  Giving of our time is a big deal. Sometimes I find myself wrapped up in everything I’m doing and forget about what’s important. My job is to be a parent. A present parent. This doesn’t have to be something that is spoken about, just block out time in your calendar and practice being present with your child. This is one of the best gifts you can give this Easter.

Have conversations about life, what they did at preschool, how the middle school dance was, how they are handling the teacher they can’t stand in college, etc. Just make sure to shut off all distractions, put away your phone and be present.

I feel this one weighing heavy on my heart this year, I’ve been a little wrapped up in trying to get my blog up and running and I’ve lost my focus. I’m blocking out more time in my day to be present and saving all the other stuff for later.

Try it with me and let me know what you think.

3. Cook/Bake Together

Cooking or baking together is something that will last longer than any toy.  It’s an experience that will stay with your kids forever. I promise your kids will look back on these times with fond memories.  My mom likes to tell of the time that I was helping make cookies and accidentally added a whole bunch of salt! She desperately tried to scoop the salt out but to no avail.  To this day we still talk about the “salt cookies” I helped make. There isn’t a childhood toy that had that kind of impression.

25 Experience to Give in Your Child's Easter Basket this year #easter #notcandy #nottoys #bake

Put some cooking utensils and maybe a measuring cup or two, some flour, sugar, cocoa powder, etc. in your child’s basket. If you don’t like to bake, put a box of brownie mix in there.  Spend some time making them together. Block out time for this and make sure it happens.

4. Educational Apps

I love electronics. They can be really helpful when it comes to helping your child learn something. I love educational alphabet apps and story reading apps.  We don’t do iPad time often, but when we do allow it, I know that it’s educational.

Put a picture of an app you’ve purchased in your child’s Easter basket for something a little different this year.  I have a lot of free app on my iPad, so when I pay for an app, it’s a big deal.  Do your research and find a good one worth spending money on. Get Epic and Audible are good book apps.

5. Non-candy Ideas

I would rather give my kids something they can use later than something they are going to play with once or twice and forget about.  Gifts don’t always have to be toys! Here are some non-toy gifts you could give this Easter:

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If you have older kids, I’ve found that gift cards are awesome and easy! Way less stressful for you 🙂 I also have a bunch of other small gift ideas for all ages in my Christmas stocking stuffer post, in case you want to check it out.

This year, I’m working on a mindset shift, more in myself than anything. I want my kids to know that people are more important than things. This Easter, I’ve really been thinking about what Jesus wants me to focus on and I know it’s not the stuff.  It’s nice to give and receive things, but we are relational beings and being present with one another is more important than anything. 

Obviously, if you are reading this, you too are trying to find a way to give something to your kids this Easter that goes beyond plastic and sweets. Hopefully, we can set the tone this Easter to be more present with your children and make some lasting memories instead.

I’m curious, have you ever given something in your child’s Easter basket that wasn’t a toy or candy? If so, what did you give?

Have you had a mindset shift, do you want to give something that will last? There is only one thing that will last forever. It will last longer than this Earth and it’s a relationship with the one who made it.

Feel free to stop reading at any time, but if there is an ounce of your being that is curious, go to church this Easter and see what it’s all about.

It’s easy to see that we are all broken, but sometimes it’s hard to accept that we are in need of a  Savior.  Easter is a story of redemption. We didn’t deserve to be saved, but even so,  Jesus came to Earth to die for our sins so that through repentance and baptism we could be forgiven and live forever.

Maybe this isn’t something you believe, and that’s okay. Just know that with God, your life could be vastly different. Even if you feel you are lost beyond repair, I promise you are never too far gone.

Easter is pretty special for our family.  We enjoy spending time together and remembering what Jesus did for us on the cross. I hope you have a happy Easter!

Insanely Simple Easter Basket Ideas that Won't Be forgotten in a day! #Easter #basket #noncandy #kids

Insanely Simple Easter Basket Ideas that Won't Be forgotten in a day! #Easter #basket #noncandy #kids/div>

25 Experience to Give in Your Child's Easter Basket this year #easter #notcandy #nottoys

22 Replies to “Simple Easter Basket Ideas that Won’t Be Forgotten in a Day!”

  1. I love your idea of gifting an experience! So much fun 🙂

    1. We love giving experiences! Our family always grows closer when we do things together 🙂

      1. Just happened upon this when looking for decor ideas for our church Fellowship Hall. We are baptists and will be having a fellowship meal and Easter egg hunt for the kiddos. I am looking for table basket centerpiece ideas and thought I would share with you that this is also very much an adult experience shared with our kiddos. Their eyes light up when the place is decorated with springy colors and the baskets contain goodies to share among the families at their tables. It takes a little planning and time to make enough for all our tables but it is so worth it to give to our church that experience of a festive gathering remembering our Savior. Blessings!

  2. I love this so much! I was dreading putting together another Easter basket that would just be tossed aside in a week. Thank you!

    1. You’re welcome Melanie! I know what you mean about dreading it. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want my kids to value and stuff is definitely not it. I still want to get them something, but I want it to be meaningful. I feel like experiences, my time and gifts that can be used over an over again are better than candy and toys. We can also make some memories together along the way!

  3. Love this post! These are all such great ideas. I especially love the idea of giving experiences instead of gifts. 🙂

    1. Giving experiences instead of gifts is such an amazing way to spend our time and money. My son was given an experience for his 4th birthday from two different people and those are the only “presents” he still talks about. Experiences are worth far more than any toy.

  4. I love the idea of giving an experience!

    1. Experiences make awesome gifts!

  5. Fun ideas! I think experiences are some of the best gifts to give – for anyone.


    1. I totally agree! Experiences are fun for everyone involved too. My sister got my son a ticket to an amusement park when he turned 4 years old and of course, we all went too!

  6. Ooh the paint pens and water wow are great ideas for my boys! They will love them.

    1. We love the Water Wows too! They are great for long car/plane trips!

  7. I’m all about giving an experience!

    1. They make the best memories!

  8. I love all of these ideas, but especially the experiences category because that’s giving them something fun AND your time! My kids love to bowl so I think a trip to the bowling alley will be in their baskets this year 🙂

    1. Your kids will love that Paige! I think that when we give something like an experience it really shows our kids that we value our time with them. It’s fun for the adults too 😉

  9. Experiences are definitely the best and also spending time together in the kitchen. I think we will make something special as quality time and gifts are my oldest’s love languages.

    1. I love cooking with my kids! It can be quite messy, but it’s so much when they get to see the whole process of something they helped to make! My son’s love language is quality time and gifts too, so we like to make sure to do a little bit of both.

  10. Love the idea of giving the chalk die! I think my teens would even love mermaid hair for a day! Also love the idea of giving an experience instead of something that will be thrown away in a short period of time. Thanks for sharing these!

    1. You’re welcome, Jenny! I think your girls will love it!

  11. Love all of these ideas. This year we were opting for less candy and things my four year old would actually use.

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