About Me

Something Splendiferous is a lifestyle blog about life experiences, useful teaching tips and freebies, being a mom and so much more. 

Hi! I’m Lindsay! I am a teacher by day, a mama at heart and a blogger mostly when it’s dark. I love crafting, designing, cooking, taking pictures, saving money, and raising my two kids with my best friend and husband.  I won’t buy anything I can make or share anything I don’t like.  I hope you find something splendiferous but most of all I hope you see Jesus shine through all that I do.  Join me and my family in the beautiful pacific northwest on this wild ride we call life.

I started this blog in hopes of stretching and challenging myself to do something I’ve never done before, be transparent, be vulnerable, put my words and life out there for others to see. I hope you can learn from my mistakes, laugh at my parenting woes and watch me and my family as we live life and grow.  I hope you enjoy the little snippets of our life and learn about God’s grace along the way and above all, I hope you have the most splendiferous day!

Splendiferously Yours,