How to Move Groups of Pins in Pinterest Like a Pro

Move Pins Pinterest

Move Pins Like a Pro!

Are you ready for this… this saved me a whole lot of time when I was cleaning up my Pinterest boards. Deleting pins individually is okay, if you like sitting on your computer all day, but if you want to be a Pro, watch and learn.

Step 1: Select your board

Move Pins like a Pro
Move Pins like a Pro!

2. Click the multiple arrow button

I bet you didn’t even notice that button before I pointed it out.  It’s like magic! Once you click it…

3. You can Select Multiple Pins at ONCE!

Now isn’t that the coolest thing! Well, I thought it was pretty neat.  It definitely made rearranging my boards so much easier. No more deleting one at a time!

Click on the pins that you wish to move or delete.

4. Move, Copy or Delete

Now that you have selected your pins you can move, copy, or delete them.  Click which you would like to do.  If you choose to Move or Copy you can then choose where you would like your pins to go.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy! You just learned how to move pins like a Pro! Now go move, organize, and delete!

Now that you have some extra time because you aren’t spending hours moving or deleting pins what are you going to do?  Maybe you could spend some time making beautiful board covers for your now cleaned up Pinterest! 

Follow my Super Easy Guide on how to make board images for your Pinterest

Pinterest Board Cover
Do you want all your Pinterest boards to look uniform? Make you own cover image and upload it straight to Pinterest.



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